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InScents Pack

InScents Pack

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Set your mood with our incense packs in fun scents. Each pack comes with 10 incense sticks.

Each incense stick is dipped in 100% pure oil base fragrances and burns for approximately one hour. Scents may rotate, so drop us a line if you want to see your favorites stay!

Scent Descriptions:

  • Luna - a crowd favorite with a masculine sage scent to clear the vibes
  • Raw - a hint of musk with fruity undertones
  • Bliss - clean meets linen in an incense stick
  • Naked - soft, powdery scent reminiscent of that after-shower body scent
  • Amore - floral undertones with rose notes
  • Fortuna - fruity scent with dragonfruit notes
  • Rosa Nera - smoky rose scent to clear out the bad juju and invite change

Need something to burn them in? Check out our incense holders that also double as dope home decor! 

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