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Coastal Scents Collection

Coastal Scents Collection

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Bring the coast home with these brand new coastal scents for the summer. Our pineapple-shaped vessels hold four unique scents that will whisk you away on a beachside journey. Refresh your space with the nostalgic scent of salt water in the air, or the dare to revisit the exciting flutters of a nighttime beach bash as the experience comes alive with these luxury fragrances.


  • Diamond of the Caribbean - This complex scent blends top notes of spice with tobacco leaf and clove, nestled in a base of sandalwood, amber and peppercorn.
  • Se(a)renity - Our best-selling summer scent of all time is back in a new vessel alongside these similarly themed counterparts. A blend of calm ocean and masculine teakwood make this one of the most alluring scents you’ll experience. 
  • Beach Bonfire - Smoke, cedar and lavender blend with night ocean air to create a nostalgic and tantalizing “scentual” experience. 
  • Mediterranean Escape - A salty ocean breeze carries the scent of Italian herbs, reminiscent of late afternoon lunch overlooking the cliffs of the Mediterranean. 

As always, our scents are hand-poured in bespoke batches from skin-safe coconut soy wax and fragrances. Melted wax can be used on the skin as moisturizer, and reuse of these beautiful vessels is encouraged after you've enjoyed the last of your candle. 

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