What's in Your Candles?

What's in Your Candles?

Our Scented Travel Tin Candles throw scent like Lebron throws the ball. And the type of wax they are poured with has to do with it. Made with a coconut soy wax blend, these candles currently come in three scents: Salt Cave, Bourbon & Champagne, and Wise Sage.

ReWax and UnWine took us behind the scenes to learn more about these luscious scented candles! Derived from coconut oil, they’re some of the most environmentally friendly candles you’ll find. ReWax and UnWine values natural, sustainable products, and chooses to pour all their candles with coconut soy wax made from a raw product - the coconut. The process of creating coconut wax involves gathering the center of the coconut and cold-pressing its oil. Using the hydrogenation process, coconut oil is transformed into wax and blended with harder waxes (like soy) to give it just the right consistency to hold your favorite fragrances.  

Why organic coconut wax?

Almost any kind of oil can be turned into a wax, which makes for a lot of candle-making options. Coconut wax candles carry a great scent, and you'll enjoy your candles longer due to a slower burn. They're also one of the most eco-friendly candles on the market, being naturally sourced and allowing for an entirely natural and organic candle.    

Why not other waxes?

We've all burned "regular" parrafin wax candles, bees wax candles, and others.

Paraffin wax is one of the most popular waxes for candle making for a few reasons. First, it holds color really well. Second, it also holds scent extremely well. And third, it’s easy to come by because it is a by-product of petroleum (aka the oil industry). However, because it is made from the leftovers of unrefined petroleum oil, companies like ReWax & UnWine appeals to customers who don’t want to breathe in these chemicals. 

Soy wax is more environmentally friendly than paraffin wax, but it doesn’t carry as much of a scent, doesn’t look as great, and burns quicker than coconut wax. However, it does make for a great blend with softer waxes like coconut wax.

Each wax has unique properties that make it better for certain things, and we know our priorities. We want to provide you with the most natural, environmentally friendly, and health-conscious candles we can, while giving you the best quality scents possible. 

Now that you know what your candles are made of, try out a set of three scents!

Coronavirus Tip
For us travel fiends, keeping a different tin in each room can add a little travel flare to your home and keep your movements through the house feeling real, as the smell changes from one room to the next. 

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