Welcome Starz!

Welcome Starz!

Welcome to Shooting Starz Shopette. We really appreciate you being here and taking a look around. We hope you find different aspects of yourself reflected in the things on our site, which are very diverse, as a reminder that you are made of many different experiences and identities, especially in today’s world. We’ve just opened, and are excited to grow with you. In this first post, we want to answer some questions to better introduce ourselves to you.

What exactly is Shooting Starz Shopette?

Well, it’s a store selling fashion and home goods that range from custom to handmade to sourced overseas while traveling and wanting to share each experience with you. The idea was born out of our founder’s need for creative expression and freedom, extensive traveling, a period of darkness, and finally the light at the end of that tunnel.

What does Shooting Starz stand for?

Shooting Starz stands for you; your potential and brilliance on your journey through this life. Whether you’re shooting or falling as we all will multiple times, our brand seeks to uplift you with bomb pieces that help you express your truth and create the world you want around you. Our name and our store is derived from our founder’s military background, along with the spiritual symbolism of shooting stars, which happen to peak each year on our founder’s birthday. The name is a tribute to your potential and each of our journeys through this life. The goal of our brand is to feature items, information, and resources that make you feel your best while on this journey, in and out of your home.

What does Shooting Starz sell?

Shooting Starz Shopette sells clothing, accessories, and home goods and decorations. Some pieces are custom-made or designed, and some are handmade. Items will rotate seasonally, and new product lines will be added regularly.

Shooting Starz Shopette is a Black-owned and women-owned small business. We appreciate your visit, and we invite you to kick back and relax on our site for a while.

Got more questions? Feel free to drop some comments and questions below! We’d love to hear from you.

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