Spring Cleaning Motivation: The Netflix Edition

Spring Cleaning Motivation: The Netflix Edition

With spring trying to bust through these winter fronts, many of us are thinking about spring cleaning, or decluttering, organizing and rearranging. We are paving the way for a neat and clean summer! If you need some motivation and inspiration to improve your space - whether organizing or redecorating - we've gathered some of our favorite shows to watch on Netflix for ideas!

  1. Tidying up With Marie Kondo
  2. Get Organized with the Home Edit
  3. Dream Home Makeover 
  4. The Minimalists: Less Is Now
  5. Stay Here: Makeover. Make Money.
  6. Instant Hotel
  7. Motel Makeover

Have you watched any of these yet? Remember, you don't need to redo your whole house or have a big budget to match some of these projects. Just take inspiration from your favorite projects and see where you can recreate the vibe with materials and items in your budget. A little time, color and declutter will go a long way.

We are looking forward to an updated list with more voices and businesses of color featured. (Anyone work at Netflix? We've got ideas!) Let us know what inspires you as you get summer-ready, and don't forget to check out our Ambiance section for the perfect accents to complement and freshen your space.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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