F*@K COVID! Sanitary Travel Tips for Your Next Flight

F*@K COVID! Sanitary Travel Tips for Your Next Flight

The COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic has made us change the way we live, interact, and carry out some of our daily routines. For the travel bugs patiently awaiting the next time they can stamp that passport, here are some sanitary travel tips that can help protect you during these strange times and are good to use anytime you travel!

Pack Disinfectant Wipes...
No, you cannot travel with an entire can of Lysol or Clorox wipes because there is liquid inside. However, you CAN isolate 10-20 wipes at a time, and pack them in a ZipLoc bag. Throw them in your carry-on, and you're good to go! We recommend wiping your airplane seat, head and arm rests, entertainment screen, and tray tables once you're boarded. 

...and Baby Wipes
Don't forget your baby wipes for easy refreshing and cleaning of hands, face, underarms, and special parts. If you have kids, you're probably already set. 

Dress Smart
Travel with your skin covered to help protect against germs. Our favorite go to travel outfit includes comfortable bottoms with some give and stretch, and a layered approach on top. A short sleeve top paired with a hoodie does the trick. The hoodie ensures that you can cover your head and face before leaning on any surfaces for a nap. The less skin you have exposed, the better. 

Travel Size Everything
With hand sanitizer and other disinfectant fluids at a premium, you can create your own travel size (100mL or less) clean kit! You can find travel size bottle sets that include screw cap, button top, dropper, and spray bottles. Get a few of these sets, fill each bottle with sanitizer, hand soap, and any other important sanitizing substances you travel with, and label each with a Sharpie. 

Pack Hack
Minimize the risk of mixing germs between items and TSA transmitting germs to your suitcase by packing your intimates, swimsuits, and small clothing items in ZipLoc bags. Not only will this keep them protected and clean, you can get the air out of each bag for a lighter, more compact luggage! And you'll know where everything is. Pack shoes in plastic bags to contain dirt and germs. 

If you have questions or more tips to add, we'll see you in the comments!

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