A Taste of Coquito

A Taste of Coquito

The holiday season is in full swing, with Christmas Day just over a week away! Where did the year go? Since living in NYC, I haven't had one of my favorite holiday drinks - coquito - until now! I managed to find a DMV coquito dealer, who was gracious enough to give us this rundown, for those not already familiar! Candy's Coquito started bottling this delectable beverage this year, 2020, and is now available for purchase and delivery around the DMV area! You can also contact her for shipping inquiries. Read her blurb about coquito below, and check it out for yourself!

From Candace of Candy's Coquito:

What is coquito? It’s a creamy coconut drink packed with spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon and clove, and a generous amount of rum! Traditionally consumed during the Christmas holiday, coquito originated from the island of Puerto Rico. Here in the US, you likely won’t find coquito sold on supermarket or liquor store shelves the way you would find eggnog. Coquito is typically made in-house and gifted or sold to friends and family to enjoy. You will find variations of this delicious drink throughout the Caribbean. For example, the Mexican variation is called rompope, Haiti makes kremas, Trinidad and Tobago makes ponche de creme and the Dominican Republic drinks ponche de ron!

I started experimenting with coquito about three years ago in 2017. From Trinidadian lineage, I wanted to try my hand at making ponche de creme and in the process, discovered my passion for coquito. Last year, I decided to make coquito for my coworkers. I bottled it up and gifted it to my teammates for the holidays. The response was unexpected, and Candy's Coquito was born!

I grew up in New York City where coquito is popular and not hard to find. But in the DMV area, coquito did not seem so easily accessible, and I decided to help change that. With a growing social media following of people from around the country, I’ve received many messages from people who love coquito but never know where to find it. I'm excited and grateful to be able to share this specialty with everyone, near and far! 

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